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Hi Bob,

I'm no expert but I what I did was simply nudge the dog with my leg if he got too close and told him "off". I also turn tight cirles to the left to get the dog use to moving in that direction. At first I was constantly running into him and nudging him with my leg but he is getting a lot better. There were a lot of times I would accidently step on his foot he was so close to me. The poor guy hasn't been stepped on in a while now though.

Hope this helps some!



Albion, IN

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Bob, you can also try heeling in a straight line but at the same time gradually veering to the left and crowding her. (should be subtle!) It may take longer than finding a correction for crowding you, but you will be teaching her that her owner can't walk a straight line, so she'd better leave him a little space smile.gif

Then when you do walk a straight line, you will find that you are no longer being crowded, and all without making an "issue" of it. (my old BC was a WONDERFUL dog - got her U.D. in her first 3 tries, 1 first and 2 seconds....but she was very sensitive about being told that she was wrong about something that she thought was right. This worked nicely for us, because I did not handle it as a correction..she learned to adjust to how she expected me to walk, and it was always a surprise to her to find that her owner actually could walk a straight line!)Good luck!

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Had the same problem - but only with my Husband. My BC would be fine with me, but would rest her head on my husand's knee.

We simply held the leash out & drove home the word "heel" until she was in the correct position. Of course praise for being in the correct position. Worked like a charm.


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