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2012 USBCHA Cattledog Finals and Beyond

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The 2012 Nat’l Cattledog Finals is right around the corner and we need the help of everyone within both the sheepdog and cattledog community.




To ensure that the USBCHA Cattledog Program continues we need to have the 2012 Nat’l Finals to be considered a financial success. Thad Fleming, Leeton, Missouri, has submitted a bid for the 2013 USBCHA Nat’l Cattledog Finals which guarantees that the program will continue so long as we have the support of USBCHA members both morally and with monetary contributions.




Due to circumstances beyond our control we are finding ourselves strapped financially and are in need of Dog/Handler Sponsorships and donations. Dog/Handler Sponsorship monies go directly to offsetting expenses related to hosting the National Finals. We are putting out a plea for assistance via group sponsorships and sponsorships in memory of handlers and/or dogs.




Please help us move forward into 2013 on a positive note, sponsorships are $125 each or $25 when divided by 5 individuals. Program ads are also a great way to help financially, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of program ads will help to produce the 2012 National Cattledog Finals.


Contact Deb Meier 515-854-2060 or 641-373-6159 or visit the www.nationalcattledogfinals.com website. News, updates and other sponsorship and advertising opportunities are also available.

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With the money a group of us made last year sponsoring Anna and Raskle (who won the Nursery Reserve Championship), we will sponsor her and Raskle again this year. I'll try to get that sent off by Wednesday.


If I can find enough other folks (need four) to put up $25 each as has been done for several years, we'll have another sponsorship. Please contact me through PM here or at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot come if you are interested.

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