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New border collie pup and lots of questions

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Hi there. Just thought I'd introduce myself to the board and say hello. My name is Melinda and I live in Portland, Oregon. I've got a new border collie mix puppy. He's 3/4 border collie. I've had him for almost three weeks now and must say that things, for the most part, have been going well. His name is Dylan. Some things I'm concerned about and am hoping you all could advise on are: (1) he's started heel nipping people. I had him away this weekend with an group of friends and he's fine until all of a sudden he becomes agressive, barking, growling, nipping at feet. The the next second he's back to normal. The other thing is that he doesn't seem to like large stationary objects- bicycles and wheel barrows, or folks who walk with sticks. He gets agressive around this stuff too, mainly with uncontrollable barking. Anyone have any experience with these sorts of behaviors? Second part of the question is- is he too young to start obedience, agility? And where do I start to look for this sort of training help? I want to do right by this dog so he and I can enjoy each other for a long time to come. I'm hoping to start good behavior and obedience early. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Melinda and Dylandog

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Dear Melinda

I'm very sorry but I left my reading glasses at work and can't write a long response to you as to be honest it's uncomfortable on my eyes. The link below will take you to agiltynet. When you get there, click 'click to enter', then in the Magazine section click 'training' and scroll to see the articles. There is a wonderful article there all about pre agility training for puppies.

Regards, Val and her girls. http://www.agilitynet.com


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