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I adopted a BC named max about 6mo ago. He is about 2 1/2, and constantly barks while outside(and I mean constantly!) I have tried everything...daily walks, lots of playing, having him sleep inside with us, banging pans(got that one from a book),a muzzle (which neither of us liked,nor did it work) NOTHING WORKS!! He is a great dog otherwise, but he is driving everyone crazy.

Any suggestions???

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A few thoughts:

First of all, how long is he outside by himself? Why? Many people think that dogs will exercise themselves if left outside but that rarely happens. Dogs are pack animals, and you are their pack- of course they bark if separated! If he's not housebroken, get a crate and get the job done.

You also mention daily walks- how long? any off-leash playing and running(fetch, tug, in the woods, with other dogs) or is this simply a walk around the neighborhood or a park? BCs need a lot of exercise- mine usually gets 1 1/2 hours a day of off-leash play, exercise, and training. With regards to training- are you doing anything like agility, herding, tricks, obedience? These dogs need the mental exercise as well as the physical or they often start going neurotic.

Hope this is helpful!

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Hi max arent they fun at times. Im wondering if you have him in a fenced yard outside and then its great when u let him out but as susan said they are bored. I found in toys r us in the dollar bin nerf footballs well we get outside with him and tossed that football around and that took a lot of the barking away but if he spotted a stranger sure enough barking started took time i grabbed his snapper as my 12 year old calls it not hard just place hands around and say no barking or inside as time went on he stopped it but i must say also at times he wont but maybe he can tell also that other person shouldnt be around and something is wrong. I also would leash him soon as barking started and say stop then tell him when he stopped good boy off leash came and we played again. Now im not lucky enough to have a fenced in yard my yard is fenced out back that has a parking lot on other side so i dealt with all kinds of dif people in and out of cars so im fully aware how the barking can drive u batty and at 11 pm at nite on our last run its like taz enough. Sometimes though i found myself under his attack also thats when i allowed it he would yap back and me and go for shoes but all in all he forgot about the person he just saw or car door he heard. Good luck ill ask a friend of mine how they are doing her new pup she rescued is a husky year old barking all the time in her back yard ill see what she says.



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