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2013 Sheepdog and Cattledog Finals bids

Sue R

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This was posted by Lori Cunningham on Facebook, on the USBCHA District 6 Members page that she manages. I thought it might be of interest to both cattledog and sheepdog handlers (and volunteers and spectators and wannabes) and didn't think she'd mind me getting the word out by copying and posting here. If you have feedback for Lori, go to FB and post on the page (or if you have feedback for your District Director, Director-at-Large, or other USBCHA officer, please contact them with your thoughts), or maybe get a discussion going here.


‎2013 sheep & cattle final bids were sent out to the BOD today. Thad Fleming is heading a group offering to host the 2013 (and possibly the 2014 & 15) cattle finals in Leeton, Missouri. Given the recent discussions on the future of the USBCHA's involvment in the cattle program and the emergence of the NCA as a potentially competing sanctioning body, the offer for a multi-year host commitment should generate alot of interest.


AND, your District 6 directors (that would Barbara Ray and Lori Cunningham) have put in a bid to bring the 2013 sheep finals back to Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown, VA. We would plan to host the event a few weeks later in the year (early October) in hopes of cooler weather, and also plan to run nursery and open simultaneously, which would result in fewer days, as people expressed concerns that the length of the event in the past was a travel burden.


Looking forward to hearing your input!


PS - Lori is a great District Director and tries hard to keep members informed on current topics of discussion for the Board of Directors, and listens to member input and feedback. I know Geri Byrne (District 1) also has a FB page for communicating with members from that district. That said, both Lori and Geri seem willing to entertain input from members outside their district as well (or at least neither of them seems to delete non-members' comments).

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Hello everyone,


My thanks to both Lori Cunningham and Barbara Ray for their efforts to bring the National Sheepdog Finals back to Belle Grove, VA! It is a wonderful venue, and the folks at Belle Grove are very cordial and accommodating! Also, I like the idea of using two fields, so that the Nursery and Open Finals can be run simultaneously. Having held the Finals at Belle Grove previously will allow for hindsight to help tweak any little preparation and management "challenges", as well. Way to go, Lori and Barbara!!!


Regards to all,


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