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How Young Is TOO Young To Housetrain? (Koal is 4 months)

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Hey there everyone!!


I have a 4 month old BC-X (crossed with a lab - I know I know! Shame on me... Sorry! frown.gif ). I'm just wondering how young is too young to try to house train.


During the day she goes on her paper religiously. No problems with "aim" whatsoever! smile.gif I'm noticing though, that at about 7 - 7:30am, every day, she starts pacing and wakes me up. When I'm about 2 seconds (literally) from having my shirt pulled over my head and be out the door with her, she goes.


Just wondering if at 4 months she still may not have the bladder control to be able to hold it that 30 seconds longer.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to hearing all your responces! Thank you in advance!

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Hi Jennifer,

The first thing I would reccommend is buying a crate. I find it easier to housebreak a pup that way. How long does she go between potty breaks? If she is on a fairly regular schedule and you can time it, it might just be a matter of setting the alarm to get up 5-10 minutes before she has her accidents and slowly lengthening the time until she can wait until you get up in the morning. It might mess up your sleep for a little while but at least you won't have the messes to clean up.

Good Luck

Tomi Jo, Albion, IN

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Thanks for replying Tomi Jo! I appreciate it!


Her schedule to "go" is between 3 - 5 hours. Sometimes she's 3, sometimes 5. I'll take her out and play with her for about an hour, and the moment she gets back in... she goes. Almost like she's holding it UNTIL we get back. She doesn't even seem to show ANY interest in going outside, or even realize that going outside is acceptable.


I've raised 3 Lab Retrievers from 7 weeks of age before until it was their time to leave us. They've always kinda known that outside is the place to go.


Thanks again!! I'll be trying everything I can, so even if someone wants to tell me that if I stand on my head all night it'll help... I'll try it! smile.gif

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Hello again Jennifer,

If she's not sure it's "acceptable" to potty outside try taking some papers from inside that she has pottied on and putting them outside where you want her to go. If she potties there outside praise her. She should get the idea fairly quickly that going outside is a good thing and you will then be able to do away with the papers outside.

Best of luck,

Tomi Jo, Albion, IN

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Hi, Jennifer!


You said your dog whines to wake you to take her outside but before you get to the door she goes? Have you tried sleeping with your clothes one? Maybe even sleep with you shoes on, if she whines like this consistantly than when you take her out immediately(you can if your dressed) and play w/ her and praise her she will soon find that if she whines and waits a second she gets to play with you outside.


Taking the paper outside is a great idea!

And if you are REALLY patient(might piss you off though wink.gif) take her out with her on a lead and wait her out--she has to relieve herself sometime, and give her extra special treats for doing this outside--she'll soon catch on.


If she isn't trained to go on command start incorporating this now. When she goes on her paper inside say something like "better go now" or "get busy" something like that over and over again until she will relieve herself on command on her papers inside, then take her outside a little after a big drink and command her to relieve herself--lots of praise and an extra special treat.


That will probably do the trick.


Hope this helps!


Carla and Fay

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I would certainly be using a crate. It might be by using paper training in the house she is confused about where to it's okay to potty. When you have played with her for an hour and bring her into the house, I would crate her for 15-30 minutes and then take her outside for a potty break. If she goes, then lots of praise. If she doesn't go, then she goes back into the crate when you come back in the house. Also, she doesnt get to play with you outside until she has pottied.


As for how early is too early to house break. I have seen puppies that have been pretty much house broken by the time they leave the breeders. A rule of thumb with puppies and how long they can hold, is you take their age in months plus one......four months old can hold for 5 hours. Also, the muscles back there are not fully mature until they are about 5-6 months old, so puppies cannot usually hold it all day until things are mature "back there."


Good Luck,


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