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I Have a puppy can someome tell me if its a border collie? Picture included


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I have a puppy i found i think its a border collie because i already have one. but here are the links could someone look at the pictures and tellme if its a Border Collie? Thanx http://www.geocities.com/ivy_284/Image13.jpg http://www.geocities.com/ivy_284/Image14.jpg http://www.geocities.com/ivy_284/Image16.jpg http://www.geocities.com/ivy_284/Image15.jpg



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I am not an expert, just a guy with a good eye for dogs, and I now own a beatiful red BC. Your dog has some of the border collie attributes.

The eyes look BC, I think I notices a little bit of blue there?

The coloring on the paws shows the mottled (spots) appearance of a tri-color or merle.


I would have to say there is at least some BC There. Does he/she chase frisbees yet?





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It certainly looks like he/she might have some Border Collie. Do you have a picture of him/her standing up or running around??



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Hi! Sorry about that! I think I must have checked out the pages 13 and 14 links and found no pictures of a dog--photos on my computer load slow--I check 15 and 16 and it had similar backgrounds, I thought someone was being an idiot... Sorry 'bout that! smile.gif


Carla and Fay

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