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Monty is a 21 month BC and has been doing agility for about 8-9 month's now. He has done very well considering his age and has placed a number of times and received one qualifying ribbon. However,for the past month or so he seems to have lost all interest in anything to do with agility, and now refuses to go over jumps, seems shy of the teeter and the walk-up, and miss's every other pole in the weave-poles. I have tried everything I can think of to get his interest back, to no avail. Has anyone else had this problem and what did they do to get back on track???? Help!! I really enjoy agility, and want to get Monty back into it, if possible> Any ideas welcome!!

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Hi Heather. I see you're in B.C. also - where do you train?


My BC also started getting bored with Agility at about 26 months; we'd been doing it for nearly a year. So we took a break and started doing some Obedience (informal) instead. Then in August we entered a Fun Match, which I was sure he'd fail at, seeing as how he hadn't touched an Agility course in 6 months or more.


Well - I entered him in Starters twice and he took 2nd and 3rd place. All his old enthusiasm was back. He used to be scared of the DogWalk, but he went across like a Pro, and I think his weave got even better all on its own :rolleyes:


Maybe Monty needs a little break? I'm sure there could be lots of other reasons - this is just the one that seemed to be our problem. And a BC friend in our class, when her dog started refusing to do the course though he had really enjoyed it, discovered he had hip dysplasia (not trying to scare you!). He's had surgery and he's gone back to it.


Do let us know how he fares :D


Mr Snappy and his Mum

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Guest Dynamite Tess


Some time ago my girls did exactly the same. They went under the jumps and seemed to lose interest. I had in fact, without realising, allowed them to get just a little overweight. I am certainly not implying that this is what you have done, but is it possible you have changed his diet recently. Regards, Val

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