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USBCHA santioned Novice trials?

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I posted on another forum but no replies yet, so either everyone is busy or no one knows the answer. I thought I might reach a broader audience here.


Could someone please explain this to me? I am probably missing the obvious.



1. GENERAL MEMBERS: Shall consist of those persons who have run a dog in any trial, (i.e. Novice, Pro-Novice or Open) sanctioned by this Association within two (2) years. Any person holding a general membership shall have the right to vote at all meetings of members regularly called, either in person or by proxy, provided such member has paid to the Association the set amount of the annual dues in the amount of twenty five dollars ($25.00) for General Membership preceding the Annual Meeting.


(Bold/underline emphasis mine.)


I didn't think USBCHA sanctioned Novice trials. Does the above mean that if I ran a dog in a Novice or Pro-Novice class that took place during a trial that also had sanctioned USBCHA Open and Nursery runs, I could join as a General Member and have a vote?



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I thought opening general membership up to handlers who hadn't run in open or nursery was considered and rejected, but maybe not? You're right, though that it doesn't make sense as written because USBCHA sanctions only open and nursery. This has been discussed a number of times, but I thought it always ended up on the side of novice classes not counting.


Maybe you could write to Hub Holmes and get a definitive answer?



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I think this is an error since the short-lived (or abortive) move to make sanctioning of lower classes an option to provide insurance coverage. I think "fixing" this just hasn't happened or it's been overlooked. Since anything but Open and Nursery is not sanctioned, then this really doesn't apply. I seem to recall someone bringing this up somewhere before, but I can ask Hub if you'd like.

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Spoke to Hub (well, via the internet) and it simply has not been changed. Since the HA doesn't sanction anything but Open and Nursery, it's a moot point. It can be changed if they bring it up to change it. I think there's more pressing business in the works right now, though.

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