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Help He won't Housebreak

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I have a wonderful 4mth old male named freeway. This is my first BC and we love him to death but he won't stop going in the house. Most of the time he only poops but when he does pee he walks while he is going.I have never seen a male do that before. I have him on a regular feeding schedule and I'm a stay at home mom who homeschools. He has plenty of attention.

I have tried crate training him. He won't go in his crate but let him out and the next thing you know.....ooooops... Please help...

One more thing...A neighbor told me that BC get aggressive as they get older is this true?

Tired of scrubbing floors

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How long have you had Freeway? Was he in a different living situation before you got him (i.e. 100% outdoors)?


We have a 3 year old male whom we recently adopted and have had similar problems. The key (we have found) is correction...a firm "no" the second he starts doing anything inside, and then lots of praise when he does his business outside. He had been in a mostly outdoor living situation before he came to live with us and it's taken him a while to figure out that the whole house is his crate! Anyway, be patient, consistent, and firm, and you'll eventually have a good dog on your hands.


BCs getting aggressive as they get older? That's a load of you-know-what. Our last BC (who walked and peed at the same time, BTW) lived to the ripe old age of 13, and never exhibited aggressive tendencies. Whatever personality your dog is born with is the personality he's going to keep (unless he gets senile in his old age).


Good luck with Freeway!

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Thanks for the tip. Freeway has been in our family since he was 7 wks old. My 9 yr old used to help with taking him out and on walks. I have since relieved him of his duties and Freeway hasn't had any accidents since.... smile.gif I think there was a definate corrilation. I have also started giving him treats everytime he does his duty. Liver treats are a wonderful incentive for him. I was thrilled to hear that you BC's are good dogs and you havent had any problems with them being overly aggressive. Freeway has the best temperment I have ever seen in a dog. I have heard horror stories about BCs chewing things and being so excitable.. We just don't seem to have any of those problems.. You cant tell that I am wild about our dog... Thanks again. Lynn

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I'm so glad you figured out the source of your problem! Freeway probably saw his walks as playtime instead of time to do his business.


BCs can be excitable, and they can be chewers, but as long as you provide them with enough of the right kind of activity, you can keep this under control. Sounds like you're on the right track.

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