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what's the differance

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Hello there. I currently compete with my Border in AKC Obedience. Novice A is for any handler that has "not previously handled any other dog that has earned an American Kennel Club Obedience title". Once you get a CD title on a dog, you can never show in Novice A again. You'll always start your new dog in the Novice B class. The AKC site has all the Rules & Regulations for Obedience on their website and if you go to an AKC show, they usually have the booklets on Obedience Regulations there for free. : )


Welcome to the Obedience Ring!!!! : )And good luck! Maybe we'll see you at some of the shows. I am in the Wisconsin area and show in MN and WI.


Hope that answers your question, if not, give me a holler! : )


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Thanks a million for the info.I have a 27 page deal from my obedience instructor on the AKC rules but it didn't seemas clear as you.I'm in Mn and finally got my Belle registered with AKC(it was touch and go at first because they refused at first).Must not have liked my nasty letter to the.Today I got her papers.She's 1 year old,has a cgc title and currently in the intermediate obedience class.So now I'm geared up to start showing.I'm going to try and shoot for the Rochester show if I can get an app.Thanks for letting me know about A and B(maybe I didn't read it clearly)

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