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I could really use some advise on what to do with a one year old BC who is down and out for the next 8 weeks recovering from shoulder surgery for OCD. He has been out of commission once before for 8 weeks when we thought that his limping was a result of being jumped on by a neighbours 80lb Lab. The lack of socialization with people twice within a year is leading to an increase in growling at all people that he doesn't know.


Any help on the OCD,growling or just what to do for the next 6 weeks while he is caged all day would be more than appreciated. Thanks

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My bc came to me with a broken leg and heartworms, so I expericenced a similar situation in that she was kenneled for 8 weeks during treatments. I don't know if it is possible for you, but I would invite the neighbors over (some I told why, others I just invited in) for short amounts of time. I would get Liberty out of her kennel and have her lay down while they were there. Some I asked if they would pet her, others I intentionally did not. I have found now that she is "free" she doesn't expect everyone who enters the house to pet her. She also knows for the most part she is supposed to lay down and be quiet while guests are over. She was about 18 months old and really did very well.

Due to a suggestion on this list, I tried to play a lot of low key games with her like guess which hand the treat is in. We also did some massage therapy which allowed her to relax and me to feel like I was doing something helpful.


I know it is difficult, especially as they heal and feel better. Good luck with the recovery process.

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