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It looks like we have a bc mix here and I'm trying to figure out the best way to train him with the basics.

I was told that BC's will bark back at you if you correct them. Is that true? He definately does that.

I also have a problem with getting to lay down on command outside on the leash. HE will do it in the house and even off the leash in the house, but not outside. Any suggestions?

What is the best approach to training these dogs? His mother was a husky/chow mix. Father a mystery. but a trainer and 2 others say he looks like a bc.

It also seems like the more we work him the more he needs. (Exercise I mean.)


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Colleen, you are in for a training challenge. IMHO, what you are probably experiencing is a test by your dog of who should be the boss.


Do you ask more than once for the dog to lie down? Dogs will test to see how serious you are aboout them obeying you. Asking more than once without a correction teaches them they do not have to obey the first time asked. This is true for the BC, Husky, and Chow.


Your other challenge is your pup's a chow/husky mix. Both of these breeds will attempt to establish thier dominance in your family "pack" and can be pretty agressive. It's hard to say, without knowing what "body language" they are also showing, if they are challenging your "alpha dog" status.


Be firm, use a command only once, and then make a correction. (If you say "lie down" and the dog does not, don't ask again, just physically put the dog in the down position, then offer praise for doing what you ask.)


Never, NEVER, let your dog "get away with it just this once" because it's too hard, your tired, etc. Letting your dog have his way tells him, HE's in charge.


Re: BC's barking when corrected. Sounds like an urban legend. BCs are notoriously quiet workers. Those who work thier dogs at sheep dog trials make corrections, and I've yet to hear a BC bark back...


Good luck.

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