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I was generously gifted a ram's horn crook by my bosses. They went to Scotland and had one shipped to the states for me (I know, they are keepers for sure :))


It is too long for me (I am about 5'2"). I think I should cut it down some but I am not sure how long to make it. Any recommendations on how long to keep it? Also I'd like to put some sort of tip on the end to protect it. Any thoughts on what I could use?


How do you store it when you travel? I used it for the first time last weekend at a trial & I was worried about it in the car- getting scratched or broken or something- Anybody have a cool, creative storage/transport plan?


Thanks for any info you can share!

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I can't help with cutting one down for size, but you might want to see if there's any crook makers in your area that can help. If not ... hopefully others here can help. :)


As for protecting your crook, some folks I know just use nice fleece "socks" to keep them from nicks and dings. Border Collies in Action have some here:



~ Gloria

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Dan King (who is on this forum) is a crook-maker in VA. I know there are others and you might find someone nearer to you, but perhaps you could try PMing him for advice.


You sound like you have wonderful bosses - I'm hoping your job is just as nice!


Best wishes!

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I have a nifty quilted sock for my crook. It's padded just a tiny bit. If my crook can survive my truck and generally chaotic trial travel, it can survive anything :) anyone with basic sewing skills could make a cover like mine. It's just a long tube, fabric-padding-cloth, with binding on the open end.


I'm 5'4", and my crook (the good, trialling crook) is a hair over 50" at the top of the bend (my crook is all wood). It hits me, as Julie said, right at the breast bone.

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I just had a crook sized by George McDonald (the crook's maker) at the Vashon Island trial. I had purchased it from another handler and it was way too long for me. George was able to trim it down in minutes at the trial. Here's George's website... http://theshepherdscrook.net/


When I asked George how long it should be he said that he finds a lot of handlers size them by hanging the crook on their forearm and then blowing whistles. The crook should be able to hang off your arm while you whistle and not stick into the ground to inhibit your whistling. I suppose it should just graze the ground when you have it held that way.


Hope that helps! That's the trick I used for my new crook and it seems like the perfect length for me now.




~ Janet T

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