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Just curious what those of you who have started puppies in the past have done with your puppies before they were old enough to really train.


I only have two dogs, Gel who is a bit over two and now Kessie who is four months old. I started Gel in agility (he's trained through the Open level) before I got serious about herding. Because I am having difficulty getting to a good instructor without driving three+ hours, I am toying with going back to agility for a while. I do not see that starting Gel in agility has in any way affected his herding ability. Because of this, I planned to start Kessie (puppy) in agility as well. I can see how hard core obedience training could possibly interfere with herding, but what about agility?


Both Gel and Kessie are house dogs and I enjoy their company. I like to train and would rather hold Kessie off until she?s quite mature and we have a good relationship before I start doing much in the way of herding with her.





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Since no one else responded, i'll pop in -- the answer to part of your question is the good old standard, "it depends on the dog". I've started puppies at 4 months and i've started puppies at 14-15 months. These were dogs i owned myself so i knew them very well, and i just felt the timing was right based on those dogs and their temperaments and abilities and personalities.


As for agility with the puppy, i'd say go for it. It'll be fun and give you a good bond with the pup and i think that's always helpful.

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