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High Energy Black/White Medium Coated Female

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This note just came to me from one of our club members, the pet border collies are coming out of the woodwork....:


blk/wht medium coat, great with kids, does chase cats but hasn't hurt any. He got her last x-mas so must be turning 1 yr old now. Has been crated and in the house some, but mostly outside and kenneled at night. If she was just a pet he would keep her but he said sheis high energy and really wants to work.



If anyone would be interested in her I can get you in contact with the person that has all the info. I'm willing to donate my time and evaluate her on livestock and also temperment and trainability if someone in our area was willing to foster her and bring her up for a few sessions, but have little faith that her working ability will be much more then Skeeter's, guessing more of a agility, flyball, sport type dog or nice pet with some discipline and structure. I'll update in the event that I work with her.

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