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Rin Tin Tin:The Life and the Legend

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Rin Tin Tin:The Life and the Legend by Susan Orlean (2011, Simon & Schuster) was something of a dissappointment for me. Not enough photos, for one thing. The story is told with a bit too much personal analysis of the main subject of the story, which is Lee Duncan, the first Rinty's owner, not the dog himself.


There is also a good bit of discussion about the big impact that Rin Tin Tin had on the author. I got tired of hearing about her grandfather's Breyer model of Rinty and how much of a lasting effect her misadventures with the little plastic dog had on her life.


There is a good description of the dog's character. But a bit too much about the legal wrangling over the dog's motion-picture rights in this decade.


The author touches on the deterioration of the German Shepherd Dog in modern times, but as usual, she gets it wrong and the AKC comes out smelling, if not like a rose, then at least like a Glade plug-in.

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I thought about getting it when it came out (she also wrote "The Orchid Thief", and the piece I heard about this book on NPR piqued my curiosity), but I have to say the reviews on Amazon dissuaded me a bit, so I decided to hold off and stick with the stack of books in hand. Curious to hear how others find it.

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