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Southeastern Iowa Cattledog Trials, Nursery Challenge and Shoot-out

Debbie Meier

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The results are now available from the Southeastern Iowa Cattledog Trials which were held near Keosauqua Iowa and hosted by Gary Geohring. The event consisted of Open, Pro-novice, Nursery & Novice class each day along with the Nursery Challenge and the Open/Pro-Novice Shoot Out. Handlers with Nursery dogs competed for $4,800.00 in prize money which included a donation from Greg Sharp, President of Corner Solutions Inc. Greg also donated prize money to help increase the purse of the Shoot-Out. The Shoot-out is a side match that Gary has each year where he invites the top 5 Open and 2 Pro-Novice dogs over the two days to compete for the coveted Shoot-out Championship. The course for this years Shoot-Out was run on 15 head of cows, making it an extra challenging and interesting event.


Here is the link to view the results: http://iowastockdog.com/results.htm



PMC Studios was on hand all day on Sunday video taping the events, visit their website for updates and releases of the video production of the event: http://www.pmcstudios.com/

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