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Ewe lamb taking a turn for the worse....


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So we are new to sheep...... We have always had cattle but a couple of years ago we decided to venture into sheep. we have icelandics, which I have found to be very hardy sheep. However, one of the offspring was crossed to a Suffolk ram and we are having some trouble with her. We've seen a vet and have had little improvement in the week or so we have been following their instruction. I was hoping someone could shed some light on the mystery, and confirm my suspicion that I need to see a new vet.... Here's what's going on:

This ewe lamb is about 3 months old, and was born a twin. I noticed about 2 weeks ago that she seemed droopy and was drooling at the mouth. (shoestrings like a dog) She is also losing weight and not growing nearly as well as the other lambs her age. she's at about 30 lbs and had a temp 0f 104. She was put on antibiotics which we were giving orally 2 times a day. The vet said she couldn't see any irritation in the mouth/throat, but was treating with the antibiotics to make sure she didn't have any abscesses that were infected in the throat or stomach. She's been on the antibiotics for the week as prescribed and she is still going downhill.

Her mouth is always wet and when eating she starts to get foamy at the mouth.

We we're going to start penicillin tonight with her, per the vet's suggestion, but I was hoping maybe someone would some advice for me on this. If the penicillin isn't effective, the vet said the only other thing she could do would be x-rays, exploratory, ect.

I would so appreciate any advice! This is my first bunch of lambs and my only ewe in the group. I really hate to stand by feeling useless as she continues to get worse.

Thanks in advance

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