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Looking for Panacur-C 10-pack box

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Some time ago--maybe a year?--I ordered a box of Panacur C that contained 10 or 12 smaller boxes of the 3-day individual packets. I've had computer issues since then, and lost many saved sites. I can not remember where I ordered it from. I'm reasonably certain it was one of the more major "trusted" vendors (ie, Lambert, Jeffers, Valley Vet, PetMeds, Drs. Foster & Smith, etc.) but I'm unable to find it, so I must be forgetting someone. No luck Googling, either. The sites I've looked at that actually carry the Panacur brand typically only sell the smaller 3-dose box, and sometimes the 1 lb. jar. I don't need it all that often so I prefer these individually packaged doses rather than the jar, to preserve freshness as long as possible (plus I'm not sure I want to mess around with manual dosing).


Anyone know who sells the "case" of 10?



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