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Rodeo Cattle, Yikes

Debbie Meier

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Wayne took Jake down to our local rodeo arena to turn a few head of cows that have been used as bucking stock for the youth riders, we stopped in the other night to look at them and all I saw was horns...


Anyway, it went way better then I expected, Wayne said that they handled like he thought they would but kept in mind that he could be wrong. They get moved around by a red heeler now and then.


Jake does not heel and for the most part only hits noses when cows show no inclination to move or a desire to challange, iy may be what attributed to the cows being pretty easy going.


There were times though that a heel bite would have been handy "move along long horned doggies" ...


Wayne's planning on taking Ricky down next time we go.



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Nothing specific, just getting them to move off, yield and stop, keeping them quiet and calm. There is one cow and the rest were steers, when they were first turned out Wayne was told that there were two to three that would run a person down and the cow had a history of ramming trucks. The guys that handle them regularly were surpised that Jake could stop and turn them, sounded like they were expecting a battle. Wayne was working them through in advance of a lowstess handling demo that he will be using them for on the first of October. He plans on taking the 2-3 real bigs ones off for the demo, the ones that hunt people.

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