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Cross Training Service Dog for Trialing

Rebecca, Irena Farm

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Sam is done with his basic training for full access service dog work. He has been working stock on the farm since long before this eight months of SD training, and continued with his usual duties right through. If anything his keeness, focus, etc have improved. He's lost some technical ground that I can't troubleshoot here. It would be odd if a two year old without really solid foundation work, did NOT have some real issues by now doing what Sam does.


Time for Sam to put on his Big Boy Sheep Pants though. Im curious to hear those with experience working with training their own SDs or someone else's, for the trial field. I know from lure coursing and other games, not to mention stock work, Sam has NO problems working at a distance. :lol:

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I haven't trained a service dog, but just wanted to point out that, at least to me, your question is unclear. Do you want to know what people who have trained SD dogs as stockdogs have done in general to troubleshoot issues on the stockdog training side of things? Or are there specific issues related to (or not) SD training that you are looking to work through in his continued stockdog training (without compromising certain aspects of his SD training)?


I think a little more detail on the type of input you're seeking would be helpful for those folks who might have insight.



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