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Elbow Dysplasia - our one non BC dog

Cody & Duchess

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First, I know that it is rare for border collies to get elbow dysplasia - but many of you own other breeds.Hoping to get to insight into what is a head of us. Today our weimaraner mix (age 3ish, rescue so we are guessing) got x-rayed because of elbow dysplasia. The films will be sent off to the specialist, but the vet is pretty confident that she has it bad on both front legs. It looks like surgery is in our future. Has anyone else dealt with this? How hard was recovery and did the surgery really improve the quality of life. She is an avid frisbee dog, lives for it. Both elbows show arthritis, although that has not limited her activity to this point. I have searched the internet but would appreciate any personal experiences. Thanks for your time.

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