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Two new items for discussion on the USBCHA FB page...

Sue R

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Please visit the USBCHA Facebook page (found under United States Border Collie Association, not "USBCHA"), and click on the discussions link. There are two new discussions (title is the same but the topics are different) concerning the sanctioning fee (raising it $1 per run to provide a source of funding/seed money for Finals committees) and concerning Nursery classes.


Please be sure to post any of your comments there (and feel free to post them here and elsewhere pertinent) so that the officers can get your input and your comments will be visible to all those concerned.


My opinion about the first item is that while I do not trial and am as far from being an Open handler as anyone could be.


I think the idea of a $1 increase is very sensible, and would provide a significant amount of money for the Finals committees at a very small expense for each handler. I don't trial but I think it is a good idea to help the USBCHA Finals committees have the needed funds to put on the best possible events to showcase and test the best of the working Border Collies and their handlers.


I don't feel at all knowledgeable enough to comment on the Nursery points/team topic.


Please, comment and cross-post!

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