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The Star of the North SDT will be held Oct 7th - 9th at Gale Woods in Minnestrista MN. Three USCHA sanctioned Open trials and 2 Nursery trials will be held along with 2 ProNovice and 2 Novice trials. Camping available on site (no hookups). Limited concessions Sat and Sunday.


Entry form can be found at here, also attachedSOTN2011_Entry_Form.pdf


General trial information here


Hope to see you there.


Pearse Ward

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That sounds like a great trial. How long do you think it would take me to drive there, assuming the roads are good?


twenty six hours, fifteen in the BM'er with Lou riding shotgun and a cooler full of Red Bull (no speed limit in Montana and not much of one in ND).

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Hmmm ... 26 hours in the van? I think I'll pass. Though the idea of taking the car through MT is somewhat appealing ... WHEEEEEEEE! Sadly, Lou is a lousy co-pilot. He'll be asleep before we hit HWY 1.


If you do, mount a gun rack behind the front seats to offset the Hello Kitty seat covers.

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