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I have been contacted by someone in the Houston area and would like information on the best way for her to get involved - training, trialing, etc. Since I'm leaving town for the rest of the week, I've invited her to read this thread (err, not sure this actually is a her, come to think of it) so specific answers would be really helpful.



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Try Littlehats.net:




If you look on the left side under the beginners information, there is a link "find an instructor." That might be a good first step.


The whole website is worth perusing, but if you're pressed for time, then check out the instructor list. There is one listed for TX, 30 minutes from Houston. I don't know anything about her though, but she is a contact and if she can't help with the training, she should know other folks in the Houston area.


Also, go to the USBCHA website and check out the list of officers:



Texas is in district 4. USBCHA president Herbert Holmes is from Sanderson, TX (don't know where that is in relation to Houston) and is also one of the district 4 directors. If you scroll down the list you will find the other district 4 director as well. Contact one of them and ask about folks local to you who can assist you. The USBCHA is headquarterd in Crawford, TX. Francis Raley is the secretary. Her contact info is on the USBCHA home page, down near the bottom. She is a very nice person and if you contact her, she might also be able to point you in the direction of local help.


That should get you started!



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