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Finally "The Kid"

The Good Shepherd

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Finally, yesterday morning, the Boar goat I had stashed in my barn for the last 5 weeks had her Kid :D


I inherited the goat from my Farrier, who is in his 70's and got kicked by a horse. Needless to say he ist still recouping. When we got the goat she was HUGE already and that was 5 weeks ago!


Pam Wolf was down here the first week in Febuary, saw the goat and can attest to her huge size!


We really thought twins, but no, it was a single. The kid is pretty good size so, about as big as a good-size cat!


I do have pics on my new Smart Phone, but I am not yet "smart" enough :rolleyes: to figure out how to post them on here :rolleyes:


Hey, I am a middle-aged Granny B)

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