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So it seems that life may be bringing me to\ontario for school for a year, I don't even know where it is located really :lol: An hour an a half from Ottawa or so.


Anyway, just asking if anyone is familiar with clubs in that area. Agility and flyball. Jude and I are still a beginner team, should be ready to compete come the summer's end, so good trainers that hold beginner friendly clinics that would be nice to. We live in a small community right now, so I would be really great to take advantage of Ontario while we live there, getting in as many clinics as possible. We love learning.


I also would like to see if Jude has any instinct on sheep, and if yes, to persue that while we are there a we don't have that stuff in my province, any recommendations there?


Thanks! :)


I currently drive an hour each week to get to my classes (all held on sunday, so I just spend the day in town) so commute is o.k, but it would also be nice to have a closer place, that I could train at more often. A club, with drop-in times for members would also be fantastic!

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