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Today I took Missy for a first herding lesson.


I suspected that she had some good potential, but wasn't sure, and didn't know how to bring it out of her.


Apparently she's got the basics of a good working dog. She wanted to work(no surprise there) was also pretty obedient, and picked up quickly on what was expected of her. We started in the round pen, and then moved into a larger area.


I was told that with a bit of work she could make a decent trial dog.


Yes, I'm quite pleased with my girl!


Now I've just got to keep up with the homework...

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Hi, I have a question for Jenny. I live in Edmonton and I have a 9mth old border collie cross (i think. She could be PB). She's currently learning agility and doing well in it. The thing is, I have noticed some herding behaviour in her (she crouches alot and tries to herd my 2yr old husky). Hence, I wanna try her out for herding as another avenue of stimulating exercise if she takes to it. However, I can't seem to find a place to do this. I have asked around in my agility circle and nobody really gave me any answers. Do you know of any farms near Edmonton that would offer herding classes? I wouldn't mind driving a fair distance either.




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