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Bobby Dalziel Clinic to be held in N.E. Ohio - May 3-7 2011

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Maple Hill Farm, owned by Bill and Elaine Blaschke, is pleased to announce that Bobby Dalziel, one of the UK's top handlers, will be teaching a five day herding clinic at the farm May 3-7, 2011. For most of you, Bobby needs no introduction. He has been trialing since 1975, won the Supreme International three times, (1989, 1992 & 2006) as well as countless other trials. Bobby and his wife, Sheila, with his Border Collies shepherd around 1000 Blackface sheep at his Roweburn, Ettrick, Scotland farm . He feels this is where the Border Collie's true value is realized and believes that practical work should be the basis for a successful collie.

Bobby will probably use a long line on your dog, based on it's level of experience and training. Each dog will be worked once daily for a reasonable amount of time to hopefully accomplish the goals set out for that day. Younger dogs, who may be unable to handle a lengthy session, might be worked in several shorter intervals. Bobby thinks "they know a soft touch when they see it and being a firm handler is key when training the dogs and the main thing is, if you can stop 'em, you've got control." Appropriate sheep are available on the farm for anyone from the newest beginner to the most advanced. Up close course work and/or practical farm work can be taught in any number of the venues at the farm including box stalls in the barn, barn aisle way, an outside 50' dia. round pen, an outside 48'X32' rectangular pen, a 187'X288' paddock, a 250'X427' paddock with obstacles and finally the back field which is 25+ acres including open fields with obstacles and woods. We have all the facilities to please the most discerning handler wanting to fine tune a top trialing dog to the person wanting to learn with their dog about completing everyday, practical, farm work.

Maple Hill Farm is located on 40+ acres of prime, rolling, NE Ohio farmland and has been owned and run by the Blaschke family for five generations. Approximately 200 hair type and a few Jacob sheep populate the farm with an assortment of geese, chickens and Indian Runner Ducks.

The clinic will have a finite amount of working slots at $425.00 each. Unlimited auditing is available at $50.00 per person per day. Lunch and beverages are included in the cost of the clinic or audit. A working slot will be reserved for you with your prompt, full payment in advance. Unless otherwise noted, 4/1/2011 is the cut off date for the clinic and auditors. With timely notice, you may resell your slot to another handler should you be unable to attend. A limited amount of space at the farm is available to those bringing travel trailers or vans. Unlimited 120 volt electric service and cold water is available at $10 per day. Your units must be self contained - no septic emptying at the farm. The farm is easily accessed from the north and south via freeways. Dog friendly motels are located 20-25 minutes from the farm. East Cleveland has a large variety of American and Ethnic restaurants and gathering places for your evening enjoyment. Other attractions and a segment of the Cleveland Metropolitan Park system is within 10 minutes of the farm.

For further information or to make your reservation please contact Elaine Blaschke at EBlaschke@aol.com or Bill Blaschke at BBlaschke@aol.com or call us directly at 440-338-6301. This phone number has a voicemail attached. It is our home and business number. Please feel free to leave a message complete with your name and contact numbers.

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