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Waco, TX Passes 3 Year Rabies Ordinance

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WACO, TX city council unanimously approves 3 year rabies ordinance on 2nd reading 12/7/10:

http://www.waco-texas.com/pdf/agendas/2010-12-07%20Action.pdf "Ordinance #2010-696; amending sections 5-61 (a) in Chapter 5, Animals, of the Code of Ordinances, to change the rabies vaccinations requirement from annual to every three (3) years... Second Reading. Approved 5-0"


The ordinance should be in effect 10 days after it is published. For more information, call the City Manager's office at (254)-750-5640.



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I was surprised to learn that my new town has a 1-year rabies law. What a pain.


If you decide to try to change the law, let me know and I will help you. My e-mail is ledgespring@lincoln.midcoast.com.

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We've had the three year rabies for a while. Didn't realize it wasn't the standard.


All 50 states now allow for a 3 year vaccine, however, some allow local municipalities to override the state law and impose annual vaccinations.

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