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Hey everyone! Howdy!

What are the first things you want to train your BC or Aussie :rolleyes: to do to get them a good foundation on starting to herd and heel. I am patiently awaiting my books, but wonder if you could give me some instruction on some basics I could work with while they crawl thru the snail mail.

I am getting a six year old Aussie who is a big baby who still acts very young. He is very willing and I'd like to get him off to a good start.


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The first thing to teach him is to be your dog, and to be a good dog. Take your time and develop a relationship with him -- that means getting to know him probably at least as much as training him and maybe even more.


Make sure he knows what you expect of him in your day-to-day life together, and the rest will follow pretty easily.

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