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Canadian National Sheepherding Trials

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as for the dogs, handlers, and sheep, I think they would have preferred less sun and less heat! It was in the 30's for the three days I was there and the sun was unrelenting. KUDOS, to the organizers and congratulations to all the participants who really had their work cut out for them. The sheep were on their home turf so there were times when the sheep made a break for the barns so the handlers and dogs really had to work to get the sheep moving in the desired direction.


Sunday saw 12 handlers and dogs in the double lift.....and the international shed was completed by only 2 handlers. The 2010 winner is Dennis Gellings with his dog Jake, a nice rough coated boy. Mary Thompson, with Coal are the reserve champions this year. It was a real pleasure to watch both these handlers with their dogs....when it all comes together, it truly is a work of art!


It was a great weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. Once I get my camera unloaded and sort through the 600+ pictures, I'll get some posted to the gallery.


I even bought myself a whistle...which I figured would take me a great deal of time to master...However, driving home for 6 hours allowed for some practice time - and I have at least figured out how to get some decent sounds out of it :rolleyes: Of course, I have no idea what people were thinking as they passed by me on the highway :D

Now....if I can get some sheep, and then someday find the right dog for me....who knows...maybe I'll get to be at the post someday :D

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I was Mary's sponsor for Frost, her nursery dog. I did get a chance to chat with her briefly. She is really nice! I've attached the link for the CBCA website so you can see all the results. The US was very well represented :rolleyes:



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If you mastered a whistle in just a few hours, you might master working a stockdog just as quickly


LOL....I did get some loud whistles...but making any sense out of them would probably drive a stock dog crazy :rolleyes: But it was fun to actually get anything out of it at all :D

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