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Hi, I am a owner of Border Collie, 2 years six months old, male, showdog type.

We have been learned sheepdog trail from 1 year ago. My dog has strong eye for sheep and good harding ability. He can liftting himself. However, the response interfer often my commond.

He moves tightly to sheep. Then, I can not find him when the liftting. Because he behinds sheep.

Therefore, I lost often timing to commond.

How lesson he moves more longger distance to sheep.

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You'll have to focus less on commanding at this point and just let him find his own pace. It sounds like he doesn't really need management. If the sheep look good to you (sheep, goats, ducks?), look quiet, are going the right way, leave the situation alone and let him work. You don't need to see your dog, just watch the stock.


He may be sneaking up close behind because over-controlling has made him afraid to make real contact. I've learned a lot about this one lately myself!!


Good luck,

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