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Torn Ligament/Middle Toe Problem

Michelle Banse

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My BC, female/spayed 3.5 years old, raw diet, agility dog, has a "flattened out" middle toe on her front foot after a weekend of agility. The top joint ofthe toe seems to have given out and the toe is flat and sticks straight out...longer of course than the rest of her toes on that foot. It looks real weird. She is not in any pain, runs and plays normally, and no pain on manipulation. I can pull it, push it, squeeze it...no effect. It is not swollen. All of her feet are very "cat-like" but thsi toe no longer has a bump on top. All I can find online states that it may be "dropped toe" or a torn ligament in the toe, you can't fix it, it is common in racing greyhounds and whippets. My vet has never seen this before and offered to call a surgeon if I need it fixed, but he does not see the need since it causes no pain. It looks like one splayed toe and I suppose somehow she injured it running agility this weekend. Can anyone offer any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks soooo much. True does so much for me that I want to do anything I can for her. :-) Love her lots!


-Michelle Banse

Weimar, Texas

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