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Fall Clinics - Indiana

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I have scheduled two fall clinics at Clearfield Stockdogs in Indiana.


Thad Buckler from Alberta Canada Sept 24 - 26th


315.00 for the 3 days per working spot/ two days 250.00

50.00 a day to audit, private lessons available

For those of us wanting to work dogs and learn who are not attending the finals - all levels welcome, we may run a course the second half of the last day.


Karin Soderberg from Sweden Oct 15 - 17th

Karin you may know since she has traveled with Bobby to his US clinics the last couple years.


350.00 for the three days/ two days 280.00

50.00 a day to audit, lessons available

all levels welcome


If you would like to attend either clinic but are unable to do all three days that is fine.


More info on my web site www.clearfieldstockdogs.com Both these clinicians have been working with Border Collies for over 15 year and consistently place in the top of trials in their area. They both have have tons of information to share and a very positive, encouraging way with both handlers and dogs.


I am having some problems with my lycos email server so if you are unable to use this email - denice.r@lycos.com please use this alternate email denice.r@netzero.net


Working spots limited please respond asap if interested so plane tickets can be purchased





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