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balancing the drive

Sue in France

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Rob is now coming up to 3 years old and just starting out in Open Class.

On the outrun he looks for the eye of the lead ewe. He more than usually completes his outrun...even has a tendancy to overrun by five minutes on the clock (I like that, BTW) but I know he is looking for THAT ewe. If he catches her eye he CAN slow down at the top and "creep up". His lift, once he gets there, is 99% right.

OK...but the problem is more on picking the sheep up after a turn around the post or a set of gates. He is still looking for that lead ewe and can wobble on the uptake. Once the sheep start wobbling, we all know what happens then...wobble becomes off-line and a whistled pause; when he restarts the drive he is again looking for the lead ewe.

This is also upsetting his drive balance as when the flock slows down or speeds up (pressure of field?) he doesn't take up the sheep in a direct line unless he fears being off-contact but slides around the back to find That Ewe.

Any suggestions?



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That's a good description! I know that dog


I find that some of my dogs tend to start a slight wobble before they 'find the line' and take the sheep straight away. Have you practiced having him take the sheep away while you walk off to one side, gradually having him take the sheep farther away, both forward and farther from you? . Essentially, your path is forming a V with the path of the sheep. Ask him to steady and keep him walking forward. Stop the quick wearing as I find it really gets you in trouble on the drive.



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