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I just bought a silent whistel for Buddy. How do you use it. It said to turn until your dogs ears prick up and they look at you. But the whistel is never quiet. I can hear it in every stage. Is it supposed to be silent, or is that just the saying thing. I'm not going to use it until we start training and I know how to use it properly. Any suggestions????

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Guest totallyterry2003



I do not know anything about silent whistles.

You do not use a silent whistle when training a border collie to herd and this section is generally about training working border collies.


You may get a better response if you posted in the obedience and agility section.


I'm still struggling with real whistles and at least I know that the noises that come out are horrible.


In my case, my loyal friends would prefer that my whistle was silent. Fair weather friends and their dogs run silently but quickly away.



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