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Hannah is a fiery red tornado.


This pup is too fast for me, please help!


But I did finally get her to stop circling wildly for a couple of minutes today. My ram tried to take a stand against her and quickly found she has teeth to go with her speed. He'll not be going on strike during her shift!


So now for the help part. The first 2 times I took her to the sheep we were out in an approx 2 acre field and she'd just blast on around me and keep circling. Now I have her in a 50 foot roundpen so I can hopefully out maneuver her and

keep her to the rear of the sheep. I got the above mentioned 2 minute success there and I was darn proud of it when I caught my breath enough to know I/we had a good moment.


I know I'll need to get her back out to a bigger field soon. Just not sure of what to be looking for before I get her there. Should I wait until she's not trying at all to blast around me? Or just until she begins to understand a bit more about my body pressure and be sure to have my running shoes on? She does have a pretty darn reliable recall if things get too hairy (though they haven't been BAD, just FAST) and I have Red to help out. He's helped to start MANY pups in his day and he's really good about it all. Hannah does not yet have a lie down or stand, so I should probably work on that to help slow things down a bit?? I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud. Maybe I'm over analyzing already. I do tend to do that, but there's obviously a lot of fire in Hannah and I want to be very careful to not mess it up.


Also, the monthly clinics will be starting up soon so I'll have help there too.

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