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At what age or amt. of training before two dogs together


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I can see why you would not put two dogs together befor they could handle stock by themself. One of my dogs is 9 mo. and the other is a 1 yr old. The young dog is a lot more advanced than the year old dog, because I just got the year old dog. I know it is not time to work them together yet but what would you look for or what tell you it is time to use them together. The 9 mo old dog will drive and is supper good at putting sheep through a shute or loading on a tr. He is well mannered and easy to control he knows all his comands and just seems to know what needs to be done to move them. Unlike most dogs I have had when a sheep turns he stops most dogs go on by that point or most of mine has. He is a little slow on his walk up but not real bad. He will hold sheep in a pen all day for somereason he likes standing in a gate and daring on to try and break out.I am thinking maby after he gets a year and a half to two years old I sure don't want to mess up what he is doing now. Any help on this.

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I'm pretty impressed at what your nine-month old is doing. I would be tickled pink if my pup's doing that well, that young. And I would NOT DO A THING except let him work naturally. The work you do is impressive, wish my dogs had that kind of heavy-duty chore work to cut their teeth on. I'm no expert but the slow walkups sound like a pup confidence issue that you just should make sure he's not being given more than he can handle at this point. Ie, he'll get better with time as you say.


Envious in NC,



Brook Cove Farm

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