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Looking for input from rescues

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The final project in my communications class is giving a persuasive speech. For my subject I decided to focus on adopting an adult dog and supporting organizations that rescue/place dogs.


So if anyone could give me some input on some of the following, I'd really appreciate it!


-What is the average cost that your group spends on each dog while it is in your care?


-How many dogs do you place a year on average?


-How many volunteer hours would you estimate is put into each foster dog?


-What is your success rate for placements?


-What are some of the accomplishments of former foster dogs?


-What are the common reasons you hear for people giving up adult dogs?


-Where do most of your dogs come from (shelters, individuals)?


-How often do you get purebred dog with papers in your rescue?


-What is your adoption fee?



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