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Need help on subject of backing a dog off


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I have one pup that I started a few weeks ago, This pup really liked to get up close when on a bring. I have 2 of his mates that can get up close and don't disterb the goats but this pitucular pup keeps the goats excited and in a hurry all the time. I have gotten him to back off (maby too far) but still seem to excite too mutch. He is really not any faster moving than the others, but something about him makes the goats nervous.I pushed him back about 10ft at first and that helped some but still not what I wanted. Now I have him backed off about 15 to 20 ft. The goats stay with me now but what I want to know is if I keep him this far off stock is that good or bad, Will I be able to bring him back in if I need too. He is supper smart and now seems he is happy way back form the goats. He keeps control of them at that distance and watches well. He balances very well and will flank but it is still out. Do I bring him in some and than move him out or do I just leave him where he is. Do some dogs just have a knack for exciting stock. I have tried working the stock with my other pups first and use my older dogs on them some. But this pup just don't settle them like the othere do. It has to be in his attitude, he doesn't work much different than the others that I can tell.

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