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2010 Sheepdog/Cattledog group sponsorships

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I'm going to "cross-post" this here for those who don't visit The Handler's Tent section but might be interested in supporting the working Border Collie in this way:


For the last two years, a lot of good folks have been willing and able to contribute to dog/handler sponsorships for the National Sheepdog and National Cattledog Finals. I was able to collect sponsorship commitments for the last three years. The first year, friends and myself were able to sponsor Julie Poudrier and one of her dogs at Gettysburg. The next year, we raised four sponsorships for the 2008 Sheepdog Finals (which were matched by four additional sponsorships). Last year, we raised (with other folks also picking up the idea) four Sheepdog and three Cattledog sponsorships.


I'd be happy again to coordinate sponsorship contributions as in previous years. This year, the dog/handler teams in the Cattledog Finals, which will be held in May, 1 are sponsored at $125 each. That would be five people at $25 each to make up a cattledog finals sponsorship and $30 each to make up a sheepdog finals sponsorship.


The National Finals are the showcase of the working Border Collie in North America. Many of the best and brightest dog and handler teams, both famous and lesser-known, participate to be challenged by the course, the sheep or cattle, and the conditions. Sponsorships are one way that the Finals Committee raises money to put on a quality, testing Finals event. For those of us who are not able to contribute a full sponsorship, this is a great way to support the Finals, the working Border Collie, and dogs and handlers that we admire and respect.


Once the teams competing are announced, I will post and we can choose those participants we'd like to support most. Of course, I am always in favor of those who contribute to this forum with advice, comments, and assistance. It's a little "thank you" back to those who post here and share their expertise.


Folks from "both sides" of the boards, stockdog handlers and pet/companion/performance people have contributed in past years, and all have been equally appreciated in showing their respect and support for the working Border Collie in this one particular way.

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I'd actually be interested in helping out. Um, what would the logistics be for Canadian funds?

As of right now, 30.483 Canadian dollars equal 30.00 US dollars. Some banks offer free cashiers checks to customers. You might be able to get one of those, made out in US dollars. However you might figure it out, we'd love your support - those Canadians are often winners at the National Finals!

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