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Does anyone have expirence with this clause

Debbie Meier

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I guess the new law is going to be signed today, it's being toted as a "puppy mill law". For the most part it does not effect us other then raising our licensing from $80 to $350, we will have to provide the state with a tax id number (no problem) and this paragraph:


A commercial breeder shall not purchase a dog or cat from a commercial establishment that does not have a valid authorization issued or renewed under this chapter or a similar authorization issued or renewed by another state.


Any breeder in the state that has more then three dogs is required to get a commercial breeders license.


So here's my question, if you were me how would you go about abiding by this clause when you are purchasing a pup so that your butt is covered when your records are reviewed at inspection time?


Wayne and I talked about this clause quite a bit last night, I could see over time where this type of clause, if included in all state laws at all levels (even pet buyer level) would make it where there was little to no place for a unlicenced breeder to sell pups, kinda black market only. We've been saying for years that the only thing keeping puppy mills in business is those that are buying pups from them.


If anyone is interested here is the entire chapter that we are told is going to be signed into law today:



The state Pet Breeder's Assoc. is having their annual meeting/convention this weekend over at Tama, they will be fielding questions and such. We were planning on doing spring cleaning here at the farm, but I suppose going to the convention may be a good idea.



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