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getting the burrs out


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I got a pretty longhaired Border Collie to help move cattle. We moved heifers through a cockleburr patch today, and she got loaded with burrs.If it was June she would be a shorthaired dog tonight, but instead I spent an hour picking and combing those sticky devils out. Is there any easier way? Does anyone have any suggestions, because we have to bring those heifers back through there in a couple weeks. Thanks.

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Guest PrairieFire

There's a little tool I use for removing the things, you can get it at pet stores...


Mine are wooden, and kinda look like brushes - they've got a small head - maybe about the size of a silver dollar - with about 10 or so fairly thick pins (with rounded ends) on it...it breaks up the burr and then it comes out pretty easy...


I bought a couple of these when I found 'em.


One of the advantages a slick coat dog has - but I wouldn't trade a good long haired one for a bad slick one either.


By the way, if you shear your dog, just don't go too close, they can sunburn REALLY bad - dangerously bad...



Bill Gary

Kensmuir, Working Stockdog Center

River Falls, WI



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Guest borderkatahdin

Pull the hair out of the burr, not the burr out of the hair. Use mostly your hands and not a brush to separate the hair . Then use a slicker brush for the pieces of burr that might be left. It also helps to get to the burrs before the dog has started to chew them out himself, as they tend to mush them up and make them harder to get out.

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Guest Charles Torre

WD-40. That's pretty amusing when you think about it. Now, if only there was some useful thing one could do with their dog using duct tape...



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Charlie, maybe booties for the extra rough terrain?


What Bill is describing is called a rake.


I personally prefer a steel comb, it's easier to direct what hair you want to pull out of the burr, by using the end, and a lot more comfortable for the dog but does essentially the same thing.

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