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Interview with Patrick Shannahan

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Thanks for posting this. It was interesting.


A someone fairly new to "Border Collie culture," I am interested in how people who actually raise sheep as a "cash crop." I live in the west, and it seems to me that the average person is very beef-oriented. I feel that with the growing awareness of sustainable agriculture and humane animal husbandry practices, lamb should be coming into its own. I would much rather eat an animal that spent most of it's life grazing or browsing rather than one that had spent time in a feedlot bulking up with hormones and antibiotics. Also, if flocks are grazed in a sensible fashion they are so much less destructive to the land and water systems than the feedlot route. I know a number of people who feel the same way. I hope sheep ranchers are using this in their efforts to promote the eating of lamb.

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A very interesting and informative interview. Shannahan's remarks on relative soundness were especially thoughtful, as were his appraisals of his various dogs and how they worked.


Thank you for posting it.



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Yes, Patrick has been a big part of why I have gotten anywhere with my dogs. When I first started out, I was really discouraged and Patrick helped keep me on track and improving. He would always be honest with me and thoughtful about his approach. He knows not all dogs are the same and that each dog/handler combination is different. One thing I learned was to "give a dog a chance" and winning is practice and patience. I could go on and on but really Patrick is just a good trainer of people and their dogs.

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