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My 11 year old ESS just had surgery to remove a cellular growth from his hind leg. The vet said to remove the bandage after 24 hours, which I have done. I have been keeping the area clean and dry, but wonder if I should be putting any neosporin (or similar cream) on it since it is so exposed. It just seems odd to me to have it uncovered like that, but the vet didn't see any reason to worry about it. Should I be keeping it covered?

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Generally wounds heal better if left open to the air. Bandaging creates a dark, moist environment which is ideal for growing bacteria. The only reason to bandage would be if he's getting it terribly dirty for some reason, and even then I'd only cover for the period of time when it's likely to get dirty.


I wouldn't put neosporin or similar on there as it could actually adversely affect the stitches. The incision will heal very quickly, so there's no need to put stuff on it.



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