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I know that it's been talked about a couple of times already, but I finished it this week. Wow is it a great book. I had bought a couple of books for myself as Christmas presents and this was one of them. I did a book review for our newsletter and this is part of what I wrote:


This book is hard to put down and when you are finished with it you wish it had been longer. Tea does an excellent job writing about shepherding and farming. Thru stories like “Pioneer” you understand that the enjoyment you get from a job well done and your mental well-being will likely far outweigh the financial riches you could get.


Some of the stories bring tears to your eyes like “The Story of Ta Two”. Some of them like “Kippy” or “Slow Food” will make you laugh out loud. And ones like “Ettrick Shepherding” are just interesting.


If you are looking for a gift for a special friend or just something as a treat for yourself, I’d like to recommend that you get this book. I enjoyed it very much.



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