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They know it’s Friday


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All 5 of my border collies have access to my bedroom.


Some sleep on the bed, others on the floor and Bart always sleeps outside.


They have a morning routine that begins at a different time every day.


Therefore they either don’t know how to tell time or their routine begins when they can sense when I am about to wake up.


Yes, I agree it could be a coincidence that each morning at that exact moment when I come out of a deep sleep and am about to open my eyes, the routine begins.


Bart after being outside all night comes in the bedroom.


And regardless of how many other border collies are strewn about the room he makes his way to the head of the bed and puts two paws right up next to my face and makes a combination whine, howl and growl.


If I had to express the sound in words it would be:


It’s time to get up.. I am bored. How much sleep do you need, let’s get this day going.


This morning I wasn’t ready to get up and most of the time it works to just ignore him and make some excuse.


I was up last night looking on the Internet to see if anyone is reading my latest article (Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité – Providence, Miracle or What Really Happened) go back to bed, I will get up later.


I usually can go back to sleep but not today, FRIDAY.


Bart’s whineghowlgrowl is especially intense and his signal got the pack in frenzy.


They are now all jumping on the bed and whining


Bart’s, right lets going.


I now have to cover my face with the sheet or risk get an eye gouged out with a flying paw because they are all in too close for comfort, so a fight is now possible.


Finally Bart gave up, left the room and the chaos subsided.


What was different?


We go herding (sheep) at Judy’s on FRIDAY.


Bart's website http://www.k9baseball.com

Bob also posts political stuff at http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/UserInfo-Rob...Singer.htmlJuly 3, 2009

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