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Stockdog Clinic on May 15 and 16 North Carolina

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I'll be doing a stockdog clinic at Whorton Farm on May 15 and 16, 2010 in Rougemont, North Carolina.


If you are interested please contact: Mary Isenhour-Long.

Her e-mail is: isenhour_long@bellsouth.net

or you can reach her by phone: 336-266-2914


All the best,

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There is a working slot available if you are interested in attending the stockdog dog clinic in North Carolina. Contact Mary Isenhour-Long (see info above).



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Thanks Debbie. It never ceases to astound me how people won't post locations for events.





GGG...I'm guilty of that, the latest was for our club's Open Finals. But, it was intentionally omitted, didn't know for sure where it was going to be, knew the date, knew the time, had a good idea of the location. It's official now, Osceola, Iowa!!! Everyone can go to the casino after they run their dogs!!!

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